Protect WP-Admin

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If you run a WordPress website, you should absolutely use “protect-wp-admin” to secure it against hackers.


Protect WP-Admin fixes a glaring security hole in the WordPress community: the well-known problem of the admin panel URL. Everyone knows where the admin panel, and this includes hackers as well.


Protect WP-Admin helps solve this problem by allowing webmasters to customize their admin panel URL and blocking the default links.


After you setup Protect WP-Admin, webmasters will be able to change the “” link into something like “”. All queries for the classic “/wp-admin/” and “wp-login.php” files will be redirected to the homepage, while access to the WP backend will be allowed only for the custom URL.


The plugin also comes with some access filters, allowing webmasters to restrict guest and registered users access to wp-admin, just in case you want some of your editors to log in the classic way.



  • Rename/Change wp-admin url to new url (i.e
  • Restrict guest users for access to wp-admin
  • Restrict registered non-admin users from wp-admin