Buddha Darshan


Lord Buddha gave the light of non-violent to all world. He preached humanity his followers. Buddhism became popular in the Indian sub-continent and also spread to japan, chine and many foreign countries. Each year lacs of Buddha’s followers came to India and Nepal to visit Buddhist places. This website is an informatic site for Buddha’s followers. Pilgrims can easily visit the Bddhist places with the help of this site.

Website will focus on four main pilgrimage places (1-Lumbini-Kapilvastu/Piprahwa, 2-Bodh Gaya, 3-Sarnath, 4-Kushinagar) and four Miraculous places (1-Vaishali, 2-Rajgir, 3-Sravasti and 4-Sankisa) of Lord Buddha. Besides these places website will also provide information about Nalanda, Mathura, Kaushambi, Varanasi.

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October 07, 2013