In a world that is slowly but surely automating itself, everything is being converted into processes and machines. There are still artists and art forms that get transferred from one generation to another, from father to son. This is our world, the world of handmade…


Buddha Darshan

Lord Buddha gave the light of non-violent to all world. He preached humanity his followers. Buddhism became popular in the Indian sub-continent and also spread to japan, chine and many foreign countries. Each year lacs of Buddha’s followers came to India and Nepal to visit…



यह एक ऐसा न्यूज पोर्टल है, जिसमें खबरों के अलावा, विषेषज्ञों के विचार, समसामयिक घटनाओं पर चर्चा व बहस, खेलकूद, मनोरंजन, दुनिया में होने वाली अजब गजब घटनाएं की जानकारियों को एक जगह रखने का प्रयास किया गया है। इस पोर्टल की कई खूबियों में…



For a business to be successful at macro level in today’s fiercely competitive world, it is important that your company, the product you are making and the services you are offering must have a visibility in the market. One should have a feeling that yours…



JUST JURIST is a professionally managed, client oriented law firm established in year 2005. We deal with and offer comprehensive legal services in all spheres of law. The firm comprises of a team of Advocates who have extensive experience in the various fields of practice….


Disha Bharati

It is a Media Company, one among many others are trying to make a difference by our presence in the market through a lifestyle media vehicle that is magazines and more to be added to our gear soon. It is our good fortune of being…



गुरुकुल is Alwar and Bharatpur’s well-known institute preparing candidates for the competitive exams. Gurukul was established with the aim to provide a complete solution to the students preparing for competitive exams. Our focus is on providing holistic education not only covering the prescribed syllabus but…